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Nov 3, 2012 6:30pm EDT
people we now have smartphones. that uses more energy than our old way of communicating. i should not say old. the legacy way of communicating. a lot of the still have landlines. we have to look the best means and the best way and the timetables in terms of deployment of getting that spectrum to market. spectrum sharing, looking at what the federal -- within the federal coffers, so to speak, in terms of spectrum. all of it is in play. it is and all of the above strategy to get this to market. dynamic spectral small sales, you hear a lot about that. all of these, we are looking at how we can be more efficient and getting spectrum to market both long-term and short-term. >> in the summer, there was a report that said that sharing federal government agencies should be the norm. the administration to get those agencies to identify 1,000 megahertz of spectrum to share. wireless carriers say hold it. first we should be a signing spectrum for exclusive use, not sharing. what would you say to them? >> i would say again that everything needs to be on the table. there should be a rigid -- not be a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1